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psychological assessment

psychological assessment

Assessment helps to answer questions that you may have about intelligence and learning, attention and memory, emotional functioning, or functioning in relationships, among other concerns. We specialize in psychoeducational assessment for learning disabilities, gifted assessment at all ages, ADHD assessment including adults, autism assessment including adults, and mental health assessment (e.g., anxiety, depression, personality). Learn more…

psychological therapy

psychological therapy

We offer counselling for common problems that people face such as adjusting to school, new jobs, or relationships. We also offer therapy for anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and autism, among others. We provide individual therapy, couples’ counselling, family therapy, and even group counselling options. We also offer self-hypnosis to help with pain, anxiety, and test anxiety. We can deliver our services online or in person. Learn more…

Check out our Therapy Team to learn more about our specializations.

career counselling

career counselling

We specialize in career planning and counselling to help you make decisions today and to give you the skills and knowledge to make career and life decisions.

meet our team

Our professional staff bring a background of experience, research, teaching
and counselling, along with a commitment to customer service to assist you
with a wide range of counselling needs.

  • dr. michael zwiers

    Dr. Zwiers has worked broadly in the areas of Clinical, Educational, and Counselling Psychology, including hospitals, primary care with family physicians, community mental health, school boards, Corrections Canada, and independent practice. Read more...

  • aharon ikar

    Aharon is our office manager, and the first person you will talk to when you call or visit. He has fifteen years of customer service and office management experience. Read more...

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