Our Fees

Lighthouse Psychology is a full-service psychology practice.

2023 FEES:

Ph.D. Psychologists
$240 per hour
Master's Psychologists
$200 per hour
Psychometry Services (Test Specialists)
$180 per hour

How many therapy sessions are needed?

  • Many day-to-day issues can be addressed in just a few sessions.
  • Anxiety Disorders and Depression are typically stabilized in 8 to 15 sessions

Everyone is unique, and some people get better faster while others need more time. Your commitment to your own therapy does make a difference.

How many hours will an assessment take?

Social and Emotional or Mental Health
Clinical evaluation for therapy (no report)
1 to 3
Psychosocial Assessments
4 to 8
Complex Mental Health Evaluation
8 to 12
ADHD Assessment (no learning problems)
6 to 8
ADHD Assessment (with learning challenges)
10 to 15
Autism Spectrum (no learning problems)
6 to 10
Autism Spectrum (with learning challenges)
10 to 15
Assessment of Intelligence + strengths
3 to 4
Assessment of intelligence + academics
6 to 10
Learning Disability
Psychoeducational Assessment
10 to 12
Psychoeducational Assessment (complex)
12 to 15
Cognitive Disability
Intellectual Disability Assessments
8 to 10
Career / Occupational
Career Assessments (no learning problems)
4 to 6
Career Assessments (with learning challenges)
8 to 12
Professional Exams Accommodations
Psychoeducational/Mental Health + Forms
10 to 15

Everyone is unique, and some people are able to complete assessment tasks faster while others need more time. Some clinical presentations and histories are more complex.